Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shopping for Pianos? Shop the Best Piano Dealers in Florida

Buying a piano can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. A piano does not only produce beautiful music but it also adds to the beauty of the room where it is placed. Although it is basically meant for producing beautiful sounds it can also greatly enhance the look of a home.  

A visit to the local piano store is the beginning of a great musical journey for an individual and his music loving family. If you are living in Florida and would like to buy a piano then you should check in with some the best piano dealers in Florida.

Piano Distributors

Piano Distributors is one of the best piano dealers in Central Florida. This nationally-recognized piano dealer specializes in in Yamaha, PianoDisc, Pramberger, Cable-Nelson, Baldwin and Kawai brand pianos. You can expect to get high quality instruments at reasonable prices here as they are dedicated to provide their customers with the best piano buying experience. 

Piano Distributors is known to have a great foundation of strong personal relationships with their customers and providing outstanding customer service for over 50 years. You can choose to buy the pianos from one of their five showrooms located in Clearwater, Naples, Orlando, Sarasota and Tampa. Their warehouse is located at Palmetto. The best thing about Piano Distributors is that they offer private and group piano lessons, piano service and moving the piano. They have a large collection of new and pre-owned digital pianos and acoustic pianos.

Bobb’s Pianos and Organs

Bobb’s Pianos and Organs is another great piano dealer located in South Florida. It has been in business since 1953 and has recently completed 60 years of serving pianists. They offer all services related to pianos. They sell new pianos, pre-owned pianos, player pianos and digital pianos. They also offer piano lessons rentals service for people who want to hire a piano for special occasions. 

Bobb’s Pianos and Organs also offers moving and storage options for the pianos. If someone would like to learn how to play piano then they offer piano lessons too. You can visit their store to check out a wide selection of pianos available. You can also expect to receive free consultation from a professional if you have any query.

Kretzer Piano  

Over the past twenty eight years Kretzer Piano has earned a reputation for award winning service, outstanding value and quality and expert advice to piano lovers. 

Located in Jupiter, Florida, Kretzer Piano is one of the best piano dealers and is popular for being a recipient of various awards. If you are a beginner at playing pianos or you are an expert pianist, you will find the best and most suitable piano for you here. 

Their aim is to serve the community of passionate music lovers who love playing and listening to pianos. They offer a large selection of high quality pianos at fair prices. Also the staff at the store is professional, caring and friendly.

These are three of the top piano dealers in Florida. You can visit them to buy the perfect piano and start your musical journey.