Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Postage Meter Products: What to Look For In Today's Mailing Machines

Are you looking for postage meters and related mailing machines for your mailroom operations? Do you know what to look for in a postage meter? Here are some top features and capabilities that you should look for and help you find the best postage meter/mailing machines in the market.
postage meter mailing machines

Software & Applications Integration

Most modern postage meters are developed with inbuilt software and application programs that enable speedy processing and weighing options for mails. Other software programs are designed to provide postal accounting and real time data collection. The integration of these software and apps in postage meters is crucial if you want to get top-quality performance from your mailing machines.

postage meter mailing machine software
A good example of a software manager that is doing well in the market is the top-rated DataPac's eSmart Mail Software that comes while integrated in Data-Pac postage meters. This software manager provides postal accounting and charge back information on how much is being spent, on what, by who and when while using the Data-Pac meter. It also manages expenditure, consolidates data from all eSmart-mail applications and is completely networkable. With these features, it is quite clear that integrating your postage meters with relevant application software programs is a must-have for modern businesses.

Postage Meter Processing Speed

The rate at which the postage meter sorts out envelopes is another key feature you should look for when shopping for these important mailing equipments. Everyone would like to have a mailing machine that is fast and effective. Speed is what will determine the number of envelops you will process in a given day. Some postage meters can handle more than 15,000 envelopes per hour, which is a big plus for big companies with a large customer base.

Other postage meter machines built for basic mailing requirements can only handle just about 1,000 envelopes per hour. Although the processing speed you require depends on how much envelops pass through your company in a given day, it is always important to have the speedy and highly efficient systems always. This is especially true if the number of envelops you handle fluctuates persistently every day.

Static vs. Weigh-in-Motion Capabilities

Most mailing and postage meter machines are developed with different motion capabilities that are visibly differentiable. Some have the ability to weigh packages and envelopes in motion, while others can only weigh the items when not moving. The poster meters with weigh-in-motion features offer greater efficiency, productivity and throughput than their counterparts that only do static packages. It is important to always go for weigh-in-motion postage meters when shopping for these important mailing machines.
postage meter machine

However, you should note that the cost of buying such meters is always higher than those that operate on static conditions. Evaluating the top-benefits of weigh-in-motion postage meters over static operators, it is quite evident that with a top-notch mailing meter that can work while packages are under motion is really worth every extra cent you will spend while buying.

Mail Printing Costs

Lastly, it is important to realize that some postage meters offer low ink-jet mail printing costs, helping companies to save on printing and usage costs. This is a big advantage considering the fact that the main of getting into any business is to cut costs and maximize profits.

For this reason, it's important that you compare the mail printing costs that you will be forced to incur when using different machines and pick one that is cost-effective but still efficient in making the job done. Mail printing costs should not be a big problem if the quality of the printouts is top-notch and therefore helping in making your brand impeccable. However, if you really want maximize on your profits, then buying a postage meter that has the lowest operation costs is the best way to go while shopping.

Hopefully, these insights will help you locate the best mailing machines for your business. Remember to do your own personal research before buying a poster meter for processing your mail.

For more information on postage meters and where to find these types of mailing machines for sale, visit:

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Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Exceptional Label Makers & Tabbing Machines for Businesses

Tabbing machines and label makers can work magic for businesses that develop products, create deliverables, or send outbound mail the needs specialized labels. Labeling and tabbing machines can also increase a business's productivity levels as well as product quality.

Some labeling and tabbing machines will allow you to print thousands of labels and tabs per hour while others will only print a few hundred labels per hour. All in all, these products have passed the test of the time, and you should take these labeling and tabbing machines for sale into consideration for your business.

LT-100H LetraTag Label Maker by Dymo

The LT-100H LetraTag Label Maker by Dymo is the sleek, portable label maker that will let you organize every room in your home properly. This ultra portable device allows you to create amazing labels in no time. Not only can you create colored labels but also add text sizing and bolding. In addition, you'll see exactly how a label will be printed as you'll see it on the label display. This label printer is very easy to use and clean.

Envelope Imager CS by Rena 

The Envelope Imager CS by Rena features photo-quality colors that make this machine perfect for any high impact, low volume mailing. Producing affordable, professional labels has never been easier. This machine's head design will allow you to print huge fonts as well as attention-grabbing photos. As this address printer uses a exclusive, special technology, you can always produce photo-realistic outcome.

Omega Home Label Maker by Dymo

The Omega Home Embossing Label Maker by Dymo is the easy-to-use, effective label maker you need to get today. Labels are very easy to load and cut. You will easily remove the tape backing thanks to this device's tape removing feature. This battery-free label maker can print numbers, symbols and letters effortlessly. You will be using marks to center the label's characters. Your kids will be producing economical labels quickly.

SA-3100 by Secap 

The SA-3100 by Secap is the right embosser for the mid-size and email mailer needing a machine with outstanding graphic capabilities and versatility. With superior quality and high speed, the SA-3100 by Secap is here to stay. This device can print logos, graphics and other things onto the email piece in just a single pass. Since this item can print up to 10,000 pieces an hour, you can become very productive.

LabelManager 160 Label Maker by Dymo

The LabelManager 160 Label Maker by Dymo will allow you to print professional labels in no time. Users just have to type in the text, edit using the fast-formatting keys and print. With plenty of symbols, font sizes and styles, the LabelManager 160 Label Maker by Dymo can print the gorgeous labels you love to see. You will be able to label almost anything, anywhere as this embosser is truly portable.

If you need a high quality, affordable label printer for your home or office, you can consider the machines we talked about in this article. You should choose a label printer based of speed and high quality output so that you can see a decent return on investment at least. To see more like products, visit Walz Label & Mailing Systems in IL for a complete selection of labeling and mailing products.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

3 SnowEx Salt Spreaders To Help You Win The Winter

As the snow season makes its appearance this winter, the need for salt to be spread across parking lots and driveways will be needed. When searching for the proper SnowEx salt spreader, it is important to consider the ease of functionality as well as the features that go along with them.

SnowEx salt spreader parts
SnowEx is one of the top manufacturers of salt spreaders who keeps the needs of their customer in mind behind every design in the construction of their SnowEx salt spreaders. The customer has a variety of different options available to them as they choose which salt spreader fits their individual needs and requirements. Whether the customer desires have a wonderful way to clear parking lots, a tow-behind for their salt spreader, or use the salt spreader on their tailgate, there is something for every customer this year as they face the extreme winter conditions.

SnowEx V-Maxx SP-9300 Salt Spreader

The V-Maxx SP-9300 Spreader allows the customer to have a high performance in regards to this salt spreader. The spinner enables the user to be capable of spreading the salt evenly as the ice and snow are melted. It come equipped with a 12 inch heavy duty and urethane spinner with a state of the art assembly.

SnowEx V-Maxx salt spreader

As far as the mounting is concerned, the locking mount is positive with a kit which is bolt-down. The V-Maxx SP 9300 salt spreader from SnowEx is able to handle many large jobs for bigger trucks as well as lessen the amount of trips for reloading. In order to get the job done even faster, the pre-wet integration of the salt before it enters the spinner will quicken the rate at which the ice melts.

SnowEx SP-1225G Salt Spreader

For those who are in need of a tow-behind Salt Spreader, SnowEx offers the SP-1225G salt spreader which is a ground drive and can be used to tow behind such machinery as a tractor or an ATV. If the user has any other type of utility vehicle, they will be able to utilize the Ground Drive Spreader to spread bagged rock salt as well as chloride pelts. The hitch is created with the style of a lawn and garden in mind.

SnowEx SP-1255G salt spreader

In addition, the SnowEx SP-1225G salt spreader comes with a deflector for the sidewalk in order to allow the spreader to maintain focus on the area to be cleared. The frame is constructed with a powder coated steel as well and the mounting device is of an essential trailer. In order to spread salt equally, the 12 inch adjustable stainless spinner enables the user to get the job done right the first time.

SnowEx Tailgate Pro Salt Spreader

If the customer requires their salt spreader to become attached to their tailgate, SnowEx offers many different tailgate spreaders for them. The Tailgate Pro is an excellent addition to any household or business this winter season as it offers a multitude of benefits and advantages. It is able to take on any area, regardless of the size, while being able to lessen waste material.

SnowEx tailgate pro salt spreader

It is also important to note that there is a small level of safeguarding and maintenance with this SnowEx salt spreader model. The SnowEx Tailgate Pro salt spreader also comes with a sealed drive type of enclosure which is sufficiently protected. This advanced protectionary feature can help you save on replacement SnowEx salt spreader parts.

The spinner, which is made of a 10 inch nylon and glass unbreakable resin, is offered to ensure that the salt is evenly spread across the terrain. Easy to install and maintain, the Tailgate Pro will be a wonderful way to use advanced technology for any amount of work that needs to be accomplished this winter season.

The winter usually brings snow along with the cold. However, ice is a prevalent issue with every winter season. It is important to have the tools and equipment needed to ensure the safety of everyone. From parking lots to driveways, the SnowEx Spreaders are capable of handling the toughest jobs while being exceptionally user friendly and affordable.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

5 Leading Suppliers of Truck Scales & Heavy-Duty Weighing Equipment

The most accurate, strong, durable, and long-lasting truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment are derived from the top rated and reputable manufacturers and suppliers. A company looking to invest in weighing equipment and products should look for the best technology available.

Below is a detailed overview of 5 the top-rated manufacturers and suppliers of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment in the US.

truck scales manufacturersWalz Scale

Walz Scale is an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of premium quality weighing products and systems in America. These weighing equipment are specially designed for use in a wide variety of industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, recycling, and many more.

The wide range of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems from Walz Scale include on-board scales, portable axle scales, floor scales, pallet scales, weigh modules, lift truck/pallet jack scales, portable truck scales, truck wheel weigher scales, axle scales, indicators/controllers, and dimensioning systems.

Apart from providing advanced and heavy-duty weighing systems, the company also offers a broad range of payload management solutions, such as the innovative load volume scanner technology and truck scale software for comprehensive data management and analysis.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing offers a broad range of truck scales and weighing equipment including Portable Axle Weigh Pads, Weigh Industrial Floor Scale, Portable Axle Scales, SnapStream Wireless Systems, and Concrete Deck Truck Scales. Also available are electronic, electromechanical, and hydraulic scales with load capacities ranging from 3 tons to 34 tons.

This selection is available as surface or pit mounted truck scales. The company has its headquarters in Webb City Missouri and has over 110 distributors.

Payload Pros

truck scales suppliersPayload Pros offers weighing solutions for use in various industries such as agriculture, industry, construction, recycling, and mining industries. The portable truck scales from Payload Pros provide efficient, convenient, and affordable solutions for carrying out a variety of weighing operations successfully.

It's weighing systems are strongly built with either steel or aluminum and are thus best suited for heavy-duty applications. Payload Pros also offers truck scale rentals for customers who need weighing systems for short-term use.

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix is one of America’s most reputable manufacturer and supplier of truck scales and a wide range of heavy-duty weighing equipment. Its top products include Truck Scales, on-board Truck Scales, Forklift Truck Scales, Floor Scales, Bench Scales, Steel Deck Truck Scales, Concrete Truck Scales, Grain Dump Module, and Pre-Fab Truck Scale Foundations

These weighing systems come either in concrete or steel construction. They are manufactured with a rugged design, high performing weight sensors, and are all backed by a warranty.

The truck scales can be paired with a wide range of software, indicators, and accessories for complete weighing and data management solutions.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems and equipment.

The available heavy duty scales include Portable Axle, Electronic Pit Type, Electronic Above Ground, Hydraulic, Mechanical Above Ground, Portable Electronic, and Portable Mechanical.

The company’s Survivor truck scales (OTR Steel Deck, OTR Concrete Deck, ATV, SR, PT Series, ATV-M, PT-M), and Axle Scales (RoughDeck AX and AX 3040) are renowned for their toughness and durability. Also, the company supplies a wide range of indicators, software, and accessories for the most effective weighing and data management solutions.

There are many things to consider when buying truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment but with the top-rated suppliers in mind, you can easily make an informed decision.