Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Glückskäfer Wooden Kitchen Play Set

If you're on the look out for wooden play kitchen set for your toddler, then this Smarter Shopper product review is just for you. In this brief post, we share one of the best wooden play kitchen sets on the market: the Glückskäfer Wooden Kitchen Play Set (with Top.) This particular kitchen play set is one of the best available as it offers a wide range of creative-inducing features that kids will love.

Manufactured in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Glückskäfer wooden play kitchen reigns at the top of its class when it comes to fun-filled features that yield hours of play-time enjoyment for kids. The Glückskäfer Wooden Kitchen Play Set is designed for toddlers ages 3+ years old. This timeless wooden toy is an investment, but it can be passed down to future generations without losing its play-appeal.

As one of the leading natural toy manufacturers on the market, Glückskäfer makes some of the most intricate and amazingly crafted play kitchen sets for young children. This particular wooden kitchen set is equipped with a wooden stove and sink unit that will the little ones engaged for hours. In addition to its sink and oven, the Glückskäfer play kitchen set has a cabinet top on one side and the stove with oven on the other side.

The sink on this wooden play kitchen set is a stainless steel insert that is removable for cleaning purposes. The wooden faucet knobs are also moveable and the kitchen set cabinet offers plenty of space to carry play kitchen pots and pans (which are not included in the set). The kitchen oven offers plentiful space for baking, and the stove accommodates most play cookware (also not included in the set.)

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