Friday, July 22, 2016

3 Online Stores for Quality, Casual Cycling Clothing

Casual Cycling Clothing
When it comes to quality cycling clothing and apparel, companies are investing a lot of money in materials and talent to design casual cycling clothes that offer both comfort and performance.

This review gives credence to three particular online clothing stores that have redefined the fashion of cycling by offering the best selections of quality, and casual cycling clothing. Thanks to these online stores, cyclist can not only enjoy feeling comfortable, but also fashionable.


This is the one stop shop for both unique and casual cycling clothes. has built its brand around delivering some of the best-quality, exclusively-designed cycling apparel and at absurdly affordable prices. They're clothing is also made of high-quality moisture-wicking fabrics that help prevent nipple chafing and skin irritation.
unique and casual cycling clothes

For both male and female, readily stocks all kinds of cycling clothing (long-sleeve jerseys, short-sleeve jerseys, sleeveless jersey, tech tees, etc.) while offering some of the most original and unique designs on the market. The online store offers modern, novelty, and elegant designs collections, helping individuals find something original that other stores don't offer. is popularized by its wide selection of retro, vintage, and classic cycling clothes that captures historic cycling races and notable turning-points in the sport. Other themes range from cannabis cycling jerseys to nature-centric cycling jerseys that in themselves, represent something new and different for most shoppers. In addition great designs, the materials used in the manufacturing of's cycling apparel offer optional breathability and moisture-wicking performance, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable during your ride.


unique and casual cycling clothingThis store has severally been named one the best cycling stores in the world due to the diversity in goods and services, as well as quick response and delivery of products. In addition to sale of casual cycling apparel, the Bobshop.comm also offers spare parts for bicycles as well as the sale of bicycles themselves.

Cycling must-haves such as caps and socks, are also in abundance in this particular store. also has invested in modernity when it comes to its products. The graphics and color depict a modern store with beautiful casual cycling clothes. The material used also assure the user of comfort and durability a well as high absorption of moisture as well as ensuring the right temperature is maintained.

3. is famed for not only supplying sportswear, but also for bikes spare parts as well as the bikes themselves. The store stocks modern state of the art products with absurd prices of up to 75% discount depending on the economies of scale.

In addition, also stocks safe baby bike seats with straps to ensure comfort and safety to the child. Backpacks for hiking as well as covers and bells and horns are also stocked by This store has overtime increased its product base to other sportswear for different cycling-related sports. It is no doubt a one-stop shop for all cycling requirements.

For people passionate about cycling, there is no better place to get cycling equipment like the stores listed above.

Monday, July 11, 2016

5 Industry Leaders on On-board Truck Scales

On-board truck scales and related on-board weighing systems for both load-bearing equipment and heavy-duty vehicles have played a vital role in many different industries. On-board truck scales assist in maximizing the efficiency of operation of the whole payload management process.
On-board Truck Scale

There are many manufacturers and suppliers of on-board weighing systems and on-board truck scales. In most instances, as an investor in a sector that handles heavy loads that need the utilization of on-board weighing systems, you need to know the nature of each supplier’s support, solutions, and product performance. Because of this reason, this article is intended to inform you of the five top names in weighing systems and on-board scales.

On-board Truck Scale DisplayWalz Scale

This well-known truck scale leader offers custom-integrated on-board weighing systems and truck scales made to meet the special needs of clients. Walz Scale does not believe in a single size fits all approach, and therefore, they offer a wide variety of accurate scales beyond just on-board systems, such as portable axle scales, wheel weighers, weighbridges, and more.

Walz Scale also meets the demands of many industry users, which include agriculture, transport, waste management, mining, and many other applications. Walz Scale offers its high-tech weighing systems throughout North America, and equips most of the company's truck scales with software integration, ticket printers, and various other accessories for load management.

Vishay Precision Group

Vishay Precision Group has earned a global reputation for supply and manufacture of some of the top on-board weighing systems. Having spent 40 years in the business, they have gone through many improvements to fit an international market, offering accurate scales for wheel axle load weighing.

Vulcan Scale

on-board weighing system displayVulcan Scale's on-board scales are usually a product of a Washington based Consultancy Company known as Stress-Tek, Inc. These weighing truck on-board scales are made for a number of markets which include the general trucking, timber market, aggregate and refuse. The firm’s accurate scales are trusted by the marine and aerospace sector. Many customers say the scales are usually easy to load and also work great.

Avery Weigh Tronix

Avery Weigh Tronix is a company focusing on the supply of on-board truck scales. Avery Weigh Tronix provides weighing systems and on-board weighing scales that can accommodate a huge number of vehicles and also weigh them in a short period of time. They offer large heavy-duty mining trucks as well as conveyors to any customer who wants to experience convenience and high productivity.

Cardinal Scale

Cardinal Scale is a supplier that gives on-board truck scales of high quality. They give on-board truck weigh scales which fully fit your needs thereby making them your choice of company anytime you want to shop these items. They have the weigh-in- motion systems set up on freeways. Therefore, you will obtain a great deal if you consider getting them in the course of your purchase.

There are several suppliers of weighing system and on-board truck scales in the world now, but the ones mentioned above have shown to be among the industry leaders. A company is rated as a leader when its weighing systems and on-board truck scales can maximize payload leading in cost-efficiency and high productivity.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Woods Mower Parts: Leading Dealers Offering the Largest Inventories

Woods mower parts are essential in the repair of a number of Woods lawn mowers and land clearing equipment. To avoid inconveniences, it is always a good idea to stock these replacement parts in case of unforeseen breakdowns. Woods rotary cutter parts and Woods mower parts are especially crucial for smooth and effective functioning of mowers and rotary cutters. Failure to stock these parts could mean that the next time your equipment stops working (i.e. because of a mechanical error,) your work can come to a halt for potentially several days.
Woods Mower Parts Leading Online Dealers

The good news is there are online parts stores that supply quality and genuine Woods mower parts, including hard to find rotary cutter parts and zero-turn mower parts. These stores include German Bliss, Messick’s and, Best Line Equipment. Let's take a look at each leading online dealer of Woods mower parts.

German Bliss Equipment

German Bliss is the leading online dealer for a number of components and replacement parts. It was established in 1940 in Illinois and has grown to be the high ranking supplier for excavators, tractors, lawn mowers, skid steers and other utility vehicles. Bush Hog parts and Befco are some of the mower brands supplied by German Bliss.
German Bliss Woods Parts

Woods rotary cutter parts as well as mower parts are in abundance at German Bliss. Some of the models offered by this supplier are Batwing rotary cutters and Mow’n Machines from Woods. Their Woods parts are categorized into Woods mower parts and cutters and Woods landscape equipment with each category having dozens of Woods parts models for all kinds of requirements.

Address & Contact Info
Phone number: 309-385-4316
Toll free number: 800-728-4734
Fax number: 309-385-2540

Messicks Woods Mower Parts

Messick’s is an online parts dealer founded by Merville and Marvin Messick in 1952. The dealer offers a wide selection of both new and used equipment including their parts. More than 250 brands in construction, agricultural and garden/lawn equipment are available at Messick’s stores. Some of these brands include New Holland, Case IH, Miller Pro, Woods, Kubota, Newton Crouch, Apache, Stihl, and Cub Cadet.

Messick's is definitely a good choice if your looking for Woods mower parts on the web. Messick’s stores stock a broad selection of parts such as Mow'n machines, flail mowers, Woods Batwing rotary cutters, finish mowers and rear blades. Apart from these Woods lawn mower parts, the dealer also stocks most types of gearboxes, blades, belts, tires and bearings for Woods mowers.

Address & Contact Info
Phone number: 877-260-3528
Toll free number: 800.222.3373
Email number:

Best Line Equipment 
Best Line Equipment Woods Mower Parts

Best Line Equipment is a Pennsylvania based company that specializes in a number of services including rental and sales of construction equipment, equipment service and supply of a variety of equipment parts. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, this dealer serves over 60 manufacturers with a skilled and quality sales team of over 450 employees. Equipment parts for rotary cutters and land mowers are available on Best Line Equipment. Some of the parts’ brands features on their showroom include Terex, Wacker Neuson, Stihl, Eager Beaver and Woods.

Address & Contact Info
Phone number: 1.800.679. BEST (2378)

So there you have it. All the three Woods mower parts dealers above are committed to providing quality equipment and parts. They have a fast delivery service guaranteed to restore your construction, agricultural or garden equipment back to its original efficiency and functioning.

For more information on Woods parts for mowers, rotary cutters and a wide selection of other equipment contact these online suppliers today and make and experience quality customer service.