Monday, June 13, 2016

Gift Cycling Jerseys: 5 Classic-Vintage Ideas for the Win

It’s become a novel idea to gift cycling jerseys and gear to friends, teammates, and loved ones who enjoy riding bikes. In fact, this trend toward unique cycling jersey gifts is catching on thanks to the relentless creativity behind some of the cycling jersey designs out there today.

 In addition to funny, unique, and novel cycling jerseys gifts, many people are going a step further and gifting jerseys that have the classic vintage and retro styles. With so many options, it can be hard to find the ideal cycling jersey gift. To help get you inspired, below we've profiled five awesome designs that are sure to make your future cycling jersey gifts a win.

Chat Noir Cycling Jersey Vintage Classic

1. Chat Noir Cycling Jersey

If you are looking for a classic vintage cycling clothing that brings out unique and retro appeal, then you will appreciate the “Chat Noir” jersey. The name in English means “Black Cat” and the jersey features the image of the animal on its front. Designed for women of various sizes, the outfit remains one of the popular items given to women cyclists as well as other people who are passionate about the sport.

2. Cafe du Cycliste Cycling Jerseys

Cycling during the cold winter can be a big challenge for many people due to the extremely low temperatures. Fortunately, you can still adorn a unique and vintage looking jersey and still keep yourself warm. The Café du Cycliste jerseys are made from merino wool. In addition to keeping you warm, the jerseys are also breathable ensuring good ventilation during the activity.

Men's NASA Cycling Jersey 3. Men's NASA Cycling Jersey

Many men are always inspired by space and the universe. When planning to gift cycling jerseys to such men, it may seem most appropriate to go for the NASA themed short-sleeved jersey. This classic cycling jersey features the official logo from NASA on the front as well as a red worm. The unique jersey symbolizes American Revolution when it comes to space discovery and will make a perfect gift to cycling enthusiasts. You can find this jersey and other casual cycling jerseys for men and women at

4. Volero Club Jerseys

The Volero brand is making waves when it comes to cycling apparel. Started by two brothers who are passionate about cycling and fashion, the Volero range of cycling jerseys are quite unique and can be customised to suit a wearer’s ambition.

The line of Club jerseys from Volero are made from high quality materials and bring forth the novelty effect which makes the outfit a good gift. They are designed with simple and elegant colors and designs that offer a basic yet classic style appeal. These vintage cycling jerseys are not cheap, but the quality makes them well worth the price tag.

5. Women's Rosie the Riveter Cycling Jersey

Rosie the Riveter Cycling JerseyThis women's cycling jersey features a female figure and is available in different sizes. It follows the struggle and strength of a woman who has inspired many other women. Designed by J. Howard Miller following a story in the Saturday Evening Post on 29th May, 1943, the short sleeved women jersey remains amongst the top sellers. The model on the jersey is Geraldine Doyle who posed when she was 17 years old and passed away on December 26, 2010.

Cycling jerseys for both men and women come in all manner of sizes, designs, themes, and more. Some bring out the natural/landscape appeal; others are more cultural, while some portray social movements. The suitability of the outfit is dependent on market trends, individual tastes, culture and more. Whichever the cause or desire, it pays to look for a quality, well-designed, durable and authentic jersey. This is best achieved by purchasing the gift cycling jerseys from a reputable source.