Monday, June 22, 2015

3 Top-Performing Zero-Turn Mowers Worthy of Your Money This Year

Zero-turn mowers are the most preferred option among homeowners and landscape contractors alike. In fact, these models of mowers have gained superiority and popularity over the past years to an extent of rendering the old tractor style useless.

It's practically obvious that nobody really wants to push a mower or tug on a choppy steering wheel while mowing their lawns. With zero-turn lawn mowers, there's the handy option of ergonomically leveraging two levers to control the steering of a mower.

Additionally, many people with large lawns and properties to maintain prefer a more advanced design of the mower. However, such lawn mowers are likely to be highly priced due to many advanced features. Fortunately, there are homeowner zero-turn mowers that are not quite as costly despite offering outstanding performance and capabilities.

Our Top 3 Picks for Zero-Turn Mowers in 2015

Below we delve into the primary features and benefits of three exceptional zero-turn lawn mowers for sale that we believe to be the best buys for 2015. They include:
  • Land Pride ZST Series Zero Turn Mowers from Land Pride
  • Bush Hog Zero-Turn Professional Series Mowers
  • Toro 50” (127 cm) TimeCutter SS5000 (74637) from Toro

Land Pride ZST Series Zero-Turn Mowers

Land Pride offers two main types of ZST Series Zero-Turn Mowers, and these are the ZST48 and ZST40. These lawn mowers are residential zero-turn mowers that are typically compact in size and are majorly designed for the maintenance of homeowner grass. Since these mowers are true zero-turn mowers, they enable you turn around without hitting anything with their rear end when mowing alongside a landscaping or building. ZST Series are also comfortable to handle due to adjustable height and control levers reach.

Among the features of these Land Pride zero-turn mowers are narrow drive tire stance that offers an excellent maneuverability, a welded frame design to increase the mower’s durability, float deck design that offers commendable floatation when the mower is on uneven terrain and single welded 11-gauge deck that has reinforced leading edge. Another feature is 1”-4” cutting height whose primary function is to offer a high-quality range of cutting heights in half inches increments regardless of the type of turf grass. Other features are hour meter, molded-in cup holder, internal airlifted cartridge, center mounted rear engine, and electric clutch control, among others.

Bush Hog Zero-Turn Professional Series Mowers

The Zero-Turn Professional Series is available by Bush Hog. Although Bush Hog provides other zero-turn mowers such as Zero-Turn Commercial Series and Zero-Turn Estate Series, ZT Professional Series remains the best and most preferred among the three. Bush Hog ensures that ZT Professional Series has renowned durability as well as reliability. Ideally, this outstanding brand is primarily designed commercial landscapers and homeowners who possess large lawns and acreage. Apart from being easy maintain, ZT Professional mowers are built to last. When Bush Hog replacement parts are needed, it's easy to find Bush Hog parts at stores like

The performance features of this zero-turn mower include Command Pro Engines with Powerful Fuel Carbureted 25 and 27 HP Kohler, Variable Speeds with a good range of 0-14 MPH, 1”-5” cutting height, and Blade Tip Speeds of approximately 18,000 FPM. Consequently, the construction features include 7-Gauge Welded Steel Decks, 25-Micron Hydraulic System Filler System, Pivoting Front Axle, and a Fully Floating Deck, among others. Most zero-turn mowers from Bush Hog also have advanced product features like the mulching kit, working lights, anti-scalping roller and bar tires, particularly designed to maximize traction on mud and red clay or hilly terrain.

Toro 50” (127 cm) TimeCutter SS5000 (74637)

This is a product of Toro, and it has Smart Speed Control System, which gives the person operating it greater control of speed as well as maneuverability. Besides, 50” TimeCutter zero-turn mower is light; therefore much easier on the body. You can also shift Mow & Go (one of its features) to attain higher speed range, which is necessary for fast cutting of large and open areas. Additionally, the higher speed range on this Toro mower helps you drive from one end of the yard to the other in no time.

Among the features found in this mower are 50” (127 cm) Deck that has power and durability; thus, ideal for large and open lawns, a 24hp (approximately 17,7kw) 725cc Kohler engine and Smart Speed Control System, which has three ground speed ranges, namely Mow, Trim and Tow. These speed ranges facilitate the cutting of grass and pulling of attachments. Another feature is Dome Mowing Deck that has a convenient washout port, specifically designed for cleaning under the deck.