Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Woods Mower Parts: Top 5 Suppliers On The Web

Even premium equipment like Woods mowers require timely maintenance to keep them working optimally. Finding the right replacement parts for Woods mowers can mark the difference between a smooth functioning machine and an unstable one.

Woods Mower Parts Online

So if you own a mower from Woods Equipment, then finding Woods mower parts from a reputable online supplier is important. Let us have a look at top five recommended online parts suppliers that carry a wide selection of Woods mower parts.

Shanks Lawn Equipment

Shanks Lawn Equipment has been supplying turf equipment since 1984 and has built a large client-base around the Cumberland Valley area of South Central PA where they are located. Of late, they have embraced digital media, a move that have helped them meet the needs of a wider market across the country.

Shanks Lawn Equipment provides all types of equipment from sub-frame front mount to adapters and tailgates. Their wide list of product categories combined with an easy-to-navigate website makes them one of the most dependable online suppliers of Woods parts.


Central Equipment

Central Equipment is a Kentucky based supplier has been in business since 1962 and has been operating their online shop since 1998. They sell a multiple number of brands but Woods seems to be the most popular category of all. You can bank on them to provide you with all a comprehensive list of parts required to run a Woods machine without qualms.

Central Equipment is stocked with parts that correspond with different models and types (from the very old ones to the latest ones). To top it up, they have a smart search and filter system to make it easier for buyers to identify their preferred products.


German Bliss

German Bliss is a leading dealer for all categories of Woods parts. Whether you are looking for skid steer parts, scrap grapple parts, tiller parts or whatever category of parts, this is one shop you can go to fully assured of finding a great selection.

German Bliss has been in operation for the last 74 years and all along they have built a strong track record that is anchored solidly on trust and world-class service. Their main headquarter is in Princeville, Illinois. The company's online store offers one of the largest selections of Woods mower parts online. German Bliss also carries parts for Woods rotary cutters and similar land clearing equipment.



Messicks is home to thousands of different Woods parts with a selection that ranges from brush bulls, batwings, rear blades to finish mowers. In addition, their catalogue contains all common gearboxes, belts, bearings, blades and tires. Besides selling OEM Woods parts, they claim to offer great service support and timely shipping.

Messicks has a good understanding of customer service and have even availed a Hotline for those inquiring about parts. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Elizabethtown PA where they have been in operation since November 26, 1952.


Coleman Equipment

Coleman Equipment Inc. is a family owned company that has been supplying Woods mower parts for the last 60 years. They are headquartered in Bonner Springs, KS and have built a strong customer based in the expansive region over the years.

Coleman’s stock of Woods parts is quite expansive – luckily, they have a simple search engine that enables the user to search for particular products using “Part Number” criteria. Their list of models and parts ranges from rear mount finish parts, blades, brushbull, batwing, turf batwing, backhoe parts among others.


Woods is one of the most trusted names in the world of mower engines. However, like any other machine, a Woods mower becomes worn down and may require a few parts replacement here and there. Buying Woods mower parts online presents you with cost effective way to keep your machine working as you get to place an order by a simple click of the mouse button.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Where to Find the Most Unique Cycling Jerseys on the Web

Today's cycling jerseys incorporate material composition and fabric technologies that weren't around decades ago. Cycling jerseys of today allow your body to breathe and wick moisture a lot better, and at the same, provide protection from the elements. Combine this with a great design, and you have a quality riding jersey that will not only look good but enhance your cycling performance.

So, where do you get high-quality cycling jerseys with cool designs and incorporating the latest technologies? Below are three online stores that offer a wide range of high-quality and unique cycling jerseys on the web.
Unique Classic Cycling Jerseys is one of the best online stores to shop if you are looking for novel and unique cycling jerseys. This online store specializes in vintage and classic cycling jersey designs crafted out of some of most premium fabrics. The jerseys use Airpass Pro technology that allows superior breathability and comfort for your rides. In addition to material, also offers different cuts for men and women, such as sleeveless cycling jerseys, short sleeve cycling jerseys, and performance tees.

Known for classic and retro styles,
offers an eclectic blend of products worth checking out.
The great thing about the is they have a specific theme when it comes to the design. This cuts through the confusion, and that one of the reasons why they are the go-to online shop for classic cycling themes, pop culture designs, and elegant prints. Start shopping the wide collection of unique cycling jerseys at

cycling is another site that is dedicated in offering cutting-edge cycling jerseys that are specially designed for fashion-forward cyclists. They also have that high-quality materials and up-to-date technologies incorporated into their cycling lines. caters to both men and women. The designs are also varied, ranging from futuristic to movie-themed designs. They have designs like Iron Man printed on a cycling jersey, and there is also something from the Tron movie.

They also have different cuts like full-sleeves and short sleeves. They are definitely one of the top online shops to check-out if you are looking for a cycling jersey.

Another great site to get some cycling jerseys is If you visit the site, it will look like an online biking magazine. This is because, it is an online biking magazine. However, they have a subsection that offers to cycle jerseys to anyone that is interested.

classic cycling jerseys for men and women line of cycling jersey designs doesn’t really have any specific niche. Rather, they have a collection of classic cycling jerseys for both men and women. They have this Cookie Monster design for those who to feely kiddy, and a pirate design for anyone who wants to look bad-ass.

On the downside, is not really a specialty online store that's why their line is not that varied compared to the two stores mentioned above. However, despite that, they are still worth checking. That's our top three recommended online stores if you are itching to get some cool-looking and functional cycling jerseys. Remember, if you think you look good, you will feel good and that can impact your overall performance.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Top 5 Manufacturers of Business Address Printers for Sale

Shopping for address printers for sale is like shopping for almost any type of printer - the options can be overwhelming. Your selection of a business address printer could make the difference between a professional and shoddy mailing operation.

Neopost AS-960 Address Printer
This is the Neopost AS-960 Address Printer, one
of the most advanced address printers for sale.
The process should start from considering the brand and move down to the specifications. While many manufacturers show very little difference in how their machines work, these five brands surely stand out.

They may be among the higher end models of address printers on the market right now, but these addressing systems surely do a job that will improve the image of your business, and increase your response rate. You can find most of these address printers for sale at, a trusted supplier of mailing machines and address printer systems.

1. Neopost

Neopost address printers have been praised by many because of their high speed and capacity. In practice, the Neopost AS- 710 Address Printer, can print a whole 14 000 envelopes in a single hour, meaning you will have quicker operations. This address printer for sale from Neopost also allows you to print logos, barcodes, graphics and addresses on any part of the envelope, giving you an extra opportunity to make your mail look more professional. Neopost also offers a number of other models like the AS-960 and HJ-980 for more advanced address printer applications.

2. Rena

Rena Imager 3 Address Printer for Sale
Perhaps one of the most popular address printers for sale is the
Rena Imager 3.0.
Rena address printers are best appreciated for their ease of use. This also extends to the set up process, which is quite simple compared to other similar level machines. Their latest release is the Rena Envelope Imager 2.5 Address Printer.

This address printer from Rena has a very high speed and capacity, delivering about 30 000 envelopes in an hour. If you have limited office space, you will also find this address printer convenient as it takes up very little space as compared to other alternative printing machines.

3. Twofold Address Printers

Twofold, a company based in the UK, also produces excellent address printers. Specifically, its TFa series is very fast and precise. The TFa-960 prints about 26 000 envelopes per hour. Twofold also has one touch controls and clear prompts to make the printing process faster.

In addition, you can link your Twofold address printer with a Twofold Folder Inserter and a Franking Machine to make your processes more efficient. Their printers come with an addition mail management systems software platform and conveyor stacker.

4. Pitney Bowes 
Pitney Bowes DA95f Address Printer
Shown here is the Pitney Bowes DA95f Address Printer

Pitney Bowes has produced a number of address printers, but the DA70 Address Printer is arguably their best work. The company has a reputation for making quality machines with considerable high speeds. The DA70 can print 14000 mail pieces per hour. It makes use of the shuttle head technology to allow you to print on almost any part of the mail piece.

Beyond the DA70, Pitney Bowes offers a number of other more advanced address printers for sale that cater to higher volume printer needs, such as the DA95f (shown in the image.)

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Pitney Bowes' Light Mode printing option to save on ink while maintaining a high resolution. This address printer also has a smaller size which adds convenience to those without large office spaces. An envelope designer is also included in most address printers by Pitney Bowes to offer some assistance in the designing of envelopes.

5. Accufast

Accufast address printers are also highly productive and fast. All their address printers are made with Ethernet connectivity to make the printing process faster and more efficient. The Accufast P8 is their latest machine and also one of the best they have made so far.

After the Accufast P6 address printer, there was practically very little that could be done to improve their printing machines. The P8 address printer from Accufast stands out mainly for its enhanced printing and imaging power. Control of the imagers can be done using either a print manager software or Vista Print Driver.