Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Explore These Awesome Ideas for Custom Tank Tops

Custom tank tops are the quintessential pieces for a casual and comfortable outfit with a layer of creative flavor. Customized tank tops are great for summer, can be embellished and worn for nights out with the girls, and can be worn under layers for chilly spring evenings.

Tank tops come in all sizes and colors and made of various materials from cotton to cotton blends. This makes a tank top a favorite piece of clothing for those who want something basic that they can easily spruce up with jewelry, embellishments and other accessories. Here are some fun and creative designs for custom tank tops.

Creative Elephant Ohm 

This is a unique customizable tank top design is from Bangkok designers. The elephant just seems to pop out from the top giving an effective optical illusion to anyone who is drawn to it.

It is not hard to see why, since the elephant design is so intricate and reminiscent of the shirts sold in Phuket or Bali. This custom tank top is made of stretchy cotton and the design is inked into the fabric. But of course, if you opt for a design like this for your custom tank tops, then you can probably choose from a number of fabrics.
(image credit: SureDesignShirts.com)

Black Text on White

White tank tops are very versatile and can be worn by men and women. Simple letters in black are a classic yet easy design that also easily customizable. With basic screen printing skills you can create black on white tank top statement designs for tank tops with truly unique messages.

You can also have one printed with your custom statement, since most printing shops now have laser printing services that also offer printing on fabrics. This particular design is by Connected Universe. You can opt for other text designs or even send one of your own.
(image credit: Skreened.com)

Custom Neon Tank Tops

Among the rage for the upcoming warm season, custom neon tank tops are crushing it with younger generations looking to exploit their sense of pizazz and creativity.

When it comes to custom neon tank tops, The Neon South is king. This is logo neon tank top from the company, but it's just an example of many awesome possibilities for custom neon tank tops. The Neon South as countless options for graphics, custom designs, and color of neon tanks. Get started now and scope out the various options for (image credit: TheNeonSouth.com)

Custom Graphic Design Tank Tops

Tops with interesting colors and graphic design are hugely popular today. Take this design from Scratch Women which is a simple black graphic on a white tank top.

A custom graphic tank top is simple and easy to integrate at most websites like The Neon South, but the size and the choice of color makes the design very noticeable even from afar. This idea is perfect custom tank tops for those who do not want too much color but something minimalistic but still fun and edgy.
(image credit: CafePress.com)

Tie-Dye/Floral Tank Top

Girls who want to wear tank tops in fun and feminine ways can opt for tie-died tops or one with hand-painted embellishments. This is the perfect example of a summery floral top with a colorful graphic design, but you can also opt for a hand-painted DIY version on a plain white tank top.

The top is not too tight which makes the number look even cuter. Women might want to get it in a larger size for a dress like tank top for warmer weather (like the image shows.)
(image credit: Lillip.com)

Something Blue

This is a cute rhinestone-studded tank top in white from Advantage Bridal that is perfect whether you are getting married on not. Bright blue rhinestones pop out from the field of white and the flower adds a feminine flair. The top has a long torso which is just the right proportion to the size of the letters.

The length of the tank top is also very flattering to the silhouette. However, the main draw is the block of letters, which can also be done using blue crystals or sparkly fabric ink in vibrant sky blue. You can also find other rhinestone tank top designs from their websites and even customize phrases of your own.
(image credit: TopWeddingsSites.com)

Do you have an rad or creative custom tank tops to share? Please, by all means, share them in the comments section below!