Thursday, December 3, 2015

5 Leading Suppliers of Truck Scales & Heavy-Duty Weighing Equipment

The most accurate, strong, durable, and long-lasting truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment are derived from the top rated and reputable manufacturers and suppliers. A company looking to invest in weighing equipment and products should look for the best technology available.

Below is a detailed overview of 5 the top-rated manufacturers and suppliers of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment in the US.

truck scales manufacturersWalz Scale

Walz Scale is an ISO-certified manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of premium quality weighing products and systems in America. These weighing equipment are specially designed for use in a wide variety of industries such as mining, construction, agriculture, recycling, and many more.

The wide range of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems from Walz Scale include on-board scales, portable axle scales, floor scales, pallet scales, weigh modules, lift truck/pallet jack scales, portable truck scales, truck wheel weigher scales, axle scales, indicators/controllers, and dimensioning systems.

Apart from providing advanced and heavy-duty weighing systems, the company also offers a broad range of payload management solutions, such as the innovative load volume scanner technology and truck scale software for comprehensive data management and analysis.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing offers a broad range of truck scales and weighing equipment including Portable Axle Weigh Pads, Weigh Industrial Floor Scale, Portable Axle Scales, SnapStream Wireless Systems, and Concrete Deck Truck Scales. Also available are electronic, electromechanical, and hydraulic scales with load capacities ranging from 3 tons to 34 tons.

This selection is available as surface or pit mounted truck scales. The company has its headquarters in Webb City Missouri and has over 110 distributors.

Payload Pros

truck scales suppliersPayload Pros offers weighing solutions for use in various industries such as agriculture, industry, construction, recycling, and mining industries. The portable truck scales from Payload Pros provide efficient, convenient, and affordable solutions for carrying out a variety of weighing operations successfully.

It's weighing systems are strongly built with either steel or aluminum and are thus best suited for heavy-duty applications. Payload Pros also offers truck scale rentals for customers who need weighing systems for short-term use.

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix is one of America’s most reputable manufacturer and supplier of truck scales and a wide range of heavy-duty weighing equipment. Its top products include Truck Scales, on-board Truck Scales, Forklift Truck Scales, Floor Scales, Bench Scales, Steel Deck Truck Scales, Concrete Truck Scales, Grain Dump Module, and Pre-Fab Truck Scale Foundations

These weighing systems come either in concrete or steel construction. They are manufactured with a rugged design, high performing weight sensors, and are all backed by a warranty.

The truck scales can be paired with a wide range of software, indicators, and accessories for complete weighing and data management solutions.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of truck scales and heavy-duty weighing systems and equipment.

The available heavy duty scales include Portable Axle, Electronic Pit Type, Electronic Above Ground, Hydraulic, Mechanical Above Ground, Portable Electronic, and Portable Mechanical.

The company’s Survivor truck scales (OTR Steel Deck, OTR Concrete Deck, ATV, SR, PT Series, ATV-M, PT-M), and Axle Scales (RoughDeck AX and AX 3040) are renowned for their toughness and durability. Also, the company supplies a wide range of indicators, software, and accessories for the most effective weighing and data management solutions.

There are many things to consider when buying truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment but with the top-rated suppliers in mind, you can easily make an informed decision.


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