Reusable Sandwich Wrap

What qualities to you seek in a reusable sandwich wrap? Does it need to be made of certain materials? Does the reusable sandwich wrap need to be easy-to-clean, so you can reuse it over and over again each day?

If you're looking for the best reusable sandwich wrap, then let me tell you about reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear.

I have used countless so-called eco-friendly sandwich wraps, and only one has stood the test of both time and features. Below I share a few of these features in what makes the reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear so ideal.

Reusable Wraps Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton 

There's a lot of commotion going around about the pesticide pandemic in today's cotton products. However, these reusable sandwich wraps from Eco Lunch Gear are made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric. This makes them pesticide-free and complete safe. Because when it comes to food, you don't want to take any risks on non-organic reusable sandwich wraps.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps Unfold & Clean Easy

One of my favorite features about the reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear is that is unfolds into the perfect little placement. This is a feature that I value, because I often times eat lunch without a plate, or on surfaces that are questionably sanitary.

What's also cool about the reusable sandwich wrap from Eco Lunch Gear is that because it unfolds, it's super easy to clean. There are no troubles getting sandwich crumbs from the corners of the wrap. Additionally, you can give the wrap a quick scrub and it will dry over night. This makes them reusable day after day.

Reusable Wraps in Many Styles

From zig-zags and polka-dots to space ships and fractals, Eco Lunch Gear's reusable sandwich wraps come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. Suitable for both adults and children, there are so many styles to choose from.

And in addition to the reusable sandwich wrap, Eco Lunch Gear showcases many other eco-friendly lunch packing products. Spanning from eco-friendly and reusable sanck bags to eco-friendly napkin (also made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric.)

If you're interested in taking a more sustainable path to lunch packing, I encourage you to check out the reusable sandwich wrap, as well as many other fantastic products at Eco Lunch Gear. With these awesome products, you work wonders at saving on environmental waste as well as the money that goes into plastic bags and other non-reusable products.

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