Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 Hair Salon Styles to Give You a New Look

Summer is right around the corner and with a new season comes new beginnings and a change of pace for the better. Of course, nothing says change better than a new hairdo.

We often see this in movies and television where after a huge life-changing event— often times, a break-up or some sort — is typically followed by the woman getting a haircut or a completely new hairdo.

This isn’t too far off, as a new hairstyle can signify a new change in one’s life or something to boost your confidence during trying times. Of course, hair salon visit need not be as intense or as meaningful as that. A change in hairstyle can typically mean just that — a change in hairstyle and trying out something new.

Whichever the case may be, a new hairstyle is always good, and there are tons different styles to ask your hair salon stylist about. To get your savvy and sassy juices flowing, here are five simple yet creative hair styles that you can ask from your favorite hair salon stylist.

Blunt Bangs and Shoulder Length

A lot of celebrities are sporting blunt bangs that cover the forehead. It gives hair a sophisticated look without being overly trying. Often times, blunt bangs are paired with a bob but that may be too aggressive for some. A nice way that you can rock those bangs while still maintaining an approachable look is by pairing it with shoulder length hair. It’s still fashionable but definitely easier to grow accustomed to and definitely easier to maintain.
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Long and Wavy

When it comes to looking natural, nothing beats the long and wavy hairstyle. You’ll often see this hairdo on celebrities sporting a natural look. It gives off a feeling of not trying too hard but still looking glamorous. For women with naturally super straight hair, your hair salon stylist might need to use one of those big barreled curling irons to get the same effect.
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Loose Braids

If the Long and Wavy is going for the natural look, Loose Braids are taking it one step further and going for the fresh-out-off-bed look. Contrary to what it looks like, it actually requires some effort to pull off. The wild and messy look is certainly attractive and is certainly becoming popular with some of the hottest fashion icons. Tousling your locks with some gel will ensure a messy, stylish look.
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Glam Side Pony

Forget the traditional high ponytail and try something more sophisticated. Try this side ponytail with loose messy strands framing the face for a chic and glamorous look. It’s pretty, feminine, and is perfect for both morning and evening functions.
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Pixie Cut

Want to try something daring? Tired of locks being swept all over your face? Pixie cuts are all the rage right now and judging by how famous celebrities look with them, there is little to wonder why. Your stylist will have to cut the back of your hair really short with a slightly longer length on the top and sides. However, be warned; contrary to popular belief, shorter hair is actually harder to manage on a day to day basis. Fortunately, you hair will grow out eventually.
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Any good hair salon should be able to pull off such hairstyling techniques. Just ask them about and see what they have to say. A professional should be familiar with all of these styles, and more.

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