Thursday, August 14, 2014

7 Characteristics that Define Top Massage Therapists

Most people think that being a massage therapist only calls for selective massage-based skills. Contrary to this belief, in order to become a successful massage therapist, you must possess a certain level of stamina and determination.

Nonetheless, some of the most common characteristics of the top massage therapists include education, experience, the ability to provide the needs of clients, patience, and compassion. Below we go into greater detail about some of these qualities (and more,) and how you can go about pinpointing the perfect massage therapist for you.

1) Ability to relate to different personalities

Due to the fact that massage therapists meet several people from different socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, they should know how to easily adapt and be flexible. Likewise, there will be times where they need to a handle a patient that has physical disabilities and this shouldn't stop them from fulfilling their role.

A good massage therapist should be kind, respectful, and as much as possible, set their personal feelings aside to make the massage experience of their client truly remarkable. According to American Massage Therapy Association, an experienced massage therapist has the desire to help people and make them feel satisfied and relaxed.

2) Sensitivity

Experienced massage therapists know how to read people's mind and take the hint of a client during the massage session. As an example, some clients enjoy a quiet massage, and there are some who'd rather have an engaging conversation with their therapist. Likewise, the direction of the massage should be based on the client's wants and the therapist must know how to pick that up and deliver it smoothly to provide an enjoyable experience.

3. Physical strength

Believe it or not, massage therapy is a demanding job. In fact, performing massages to a number of clients a day could be quite exhausting. It requires good physical conditioning and the ability to stand for hours. Furthermore, massage therapists should also have a certain degree of physical strength and stamina because some clients, depending on the massage service, may ask for more pressure, such as with a deep tissue massage.

4. Flexibility

Being a massage therapist could be a daunting task. Oftentimes, these people work on schedules that others don't, such as graveyard shifts, weekends, and even holidays. This kind of setting is normal, because these are the times where the clients are free from work. Therefore, a massage therapist should be flexible, since the schedule could change from time to time. For instance, there will be clients who'd only book once, while some would book weekly or monthly.

Also under the category of flexibility is the capacity the therapist has in providing various massage therapies, or styles of massage. A well-versed massage therapist, or center with numerous professionals, can be beneficial if you enjoy various types of massage treatments, such as Swedish, relaxation, or sports massages.

5. Consciousness

As a rule of thumb, people who work in massage centers should try their best to refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions, or hair products. Why? Some people are sensitive to certain scents. It could make them feel ill by just smelling it. Likewise, massage therapists should never smoke while in their work clothes. In case that they do, they should properly wash their hands and even brush their teeth before handling a client. They don't want to offend those customers who are sensitive to the smell of smoke.

6. Organization

There will be clients who'll book last-minute appointments. Being a professional, a massage therapist should still try his best to accommodate this type of client and still stay organized. Experienced massage therapists should always have their clean sheets, massage oil, and face rests covers ready at all times.

7. Patience

Last but not the least, the main quality that the top massage therapists should have is patience. This applies for standing for hours, providing information, answering queries, and executing activities that are required for a therapist. An experienced massage therapist could handle these things with ease.

As most of us know, massage treatments are not cheap. Working the best among professional massage therapists in your local area is important to get the most from your massage therapies.

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